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We create web sites for the real estate community

We could talk about how important it is for every real estate agent to have a web site. We could talk about how people are going to google your name and how you can't stop them from doing it.

We could impress upon you how important it is for them to find a professional looking web site instead of a picture of a party you're in where you didn't know anyone was taking a picture.

Instead of talking about it, let's look at some of our past clients.

Twentieth of a Second

It takes a web user a twentieth of a second to decided if they like your web site or not. More importantly, if they automatically extend this impression upon you and your business. This means that if they don't like the web site or it they think it looks cheesy, then they automatically think your business is cheesy as well. It isn't fair but that's the way it is.

The opposite is true as well. If they love your web site, then they automatically love you. This is pretty nifty. This means that if you have a polished web site, your business can increase.

Automatic Listings (the IDX thingy)

How do they do that? You know the web sites that automatically show listings? This is called IDX. With Regional IDX, when listings are input into Regional MLS, they automatically show on your web site within 24 hours.

You no longer have to worry about duplicating your work, incorrectly inputting listing details or spending extra time uploading listings and photos to your web site. The listings show automatically! Including all the photos!

This is extremely important because your customers who are selling their home demand this. They demand for their agent to have a web site. They demand for their property to show on the agent web site. And they demand that the information to be correct. Unless you want to duplicate work, you'll need an IDX provider.

Regional IDX is officially authorized to provide IDX information coming from the Regional MLS. So we can have a link for your office listings, team listings or community listings.

We Can Do That

We customize stuff for people. This means that your team needs a web site that shows all of your listings in one stop. We can do that. This means that you have your own branding apart from the brokerage and you need someone to brand your web site as well. We can do that. This means you want someone independent to handle your site that has experience in creating web sites for the real estate community. We can do that.

If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask. We can do that (usually).

Lead Capturing

With our fully working lead capturing feature, general inquiries and specific property inquiries are sent directly to you via text and email similtaneously. You get the name, email and phone number of every lead so that you can directly follow up with them and not have to go through your company who may take too much from your pocket to begin with. What's more is that we can integrate into many different lead capture systems via email or api.

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