Key Features

Community Links


Regional IDX can have a link for you community or subdivision. This means if you specialize in a particular community, you can display all the properties for sale & available in that community.

IDX Search


An IDX search is a search of all publicly available properties on the Regional MLS. You can allow potential clients to search for these properties directly on  your web site.

Integrated Blog


People are easily confused. No more saying, my web site is here but my blog is here. Your blog is directly integrated on your web site meaning you have one spot for all your information.

Cross Browser Support


Regional IDX web sites work on all popular internet browsers across the globe. These include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and mobile browsers as well.

Template & Color Choice


Choose from more than 10 templates with nearly unlimited variations. Template choice ensures you get the layout and colors you want for the right combination.

Your IDX Listings


There are more than 250 items per listing. Managing this amount of information can be cumbersome. Regional IDX puts all your listings on your web site automatically.

Show on Google


People are going to "Google" you... and you can't stop them. When they do, what will they find? Ensure that they find the correct information about you, your business information.

Integrated Facebook & Twitter


Let's face it, social media has changed the world. More importantly, it has changed your world. Regional IDX integrates your Facebook page and Twitter page directly onto your web site.

Look & Feel


What to hear something that's completely unfair. People are going to judge you based on how your web site looks. If it looks great, they automatically think you're great at what you do.
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