5 Questions to Ask Internally

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Often times, an organization is fluid. It grows, it shrinks depending on many factors. Systems that are in place do not follow with that liquidity. For example, as an organization grows, the systems need to change to fit that growth. And vice versa.

The problem becomes we are too close to the situation to be able to recognize that this is taking place. When a family falls apart, there are signals but often people don't recognize them until it's too late.

Here are five questions to ask internally, in an informal way, that can reveal when change is happening but you are not aware of it.

1: What are you excited about right now?

People want to talk about what they are passionate about and they will work harder when they are working on something that they passionate about. Have someone that is passionate about social media, work on social media.

2: What do you wish you could spend more time on?

People often get bogged down with the daily routine. They want to see growth or change but they can't because they are too caught up in the squeaky wheel.

3: What's most challenging?

This has to do with resources. How can someone do what they want to do unless they have the resources to do so? The people don't want to complain or create waves so they gloss over this. A person's performance is evaluated but often all the factors are not part of the discussion. The problem is often the system; not the people.

4: Anything bugging you?

This is a great question that reveals anything that isn't systems-related but it's personal. It might be something at home, it might be something with a personality in the office. This gives permission for the person to talk about something without sounding like they are complaining. Again, people complain but smart people learn not to complain so there's a group of people who won't reveal their thoughts.

5: What can I do to help?

This allows the person to recognize they you are there for them. Do not try to fix the problem just allow them to vent. You want them to vent like a heat vent; upwards.

So do these questions in private not in mixed company. You want them to share your experience because their experience is not your experience. And experiences are just that; experiences. And experiences aren't wrong. They are just experiences.

This gives permission to not allow people complain and feel like they are complaining but allows them to voice their concerns. Remember people are just that people. You can't expect them to not be people.

Good luck this week!


Last Updated on Friday, 15 August 2014

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