Regional MLS starts advertising on site

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Regional MLS,, starting advertising to it's customers in late 2008. The ads, provided by Adify,, adds additional revenue to Regional MLS along with advertising from it's newsletter, professional services and membership dues.

From experience, the ads are mostly credit score ads and class mate ads with advertisers such as and

Really, is this necessary. Subjecting paying members to low quality advertising is just poor taste and one step away from offering call solicitations at dinner time.

The only positive aspect to the whole case is that the ads are "below the fold," meaning they don't show on the screen when you first go to the Regional MLS homepage. You have to scroll down to see them.

If the leadership of the Regional MLS has to sink to such low levels to generate income, we're all in trouble. It's only a matter of time before they start offering listing advertisments within the MLS system (currently MarketLinx MLXchange) itself.

Good leadership sticks to the mission of the organization. Regional MLS is a perfect example of what happens when the mission is cluttered, cloudy and not easily understood by everyone in the organization.

The mission statement is to "provide state of the art Regional Real Estate information and systems...." I didn't know advertising credit scores and class mates to real estate agents were a part of real estate information.

Instead it seems as if they adopted the mission of trying to generate as much income as possible no matter what the cost to their character is. What happens when organizations lose character? Ask the banking industry.

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 January 2009

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