48 Ways to Speed a House Sale Checklist

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Doing. That what makes the difference. There's an old saying, "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." published in July 2015 edition of it's FloridaRealtor magazine an awesome checklist to help you prepare your home for sale.

My suggestion? Print out this list and do what it says. Checkmark each one as you go through.


  1. Having either your REALTOR® and/or a home decorator walk the home and make suggestions on items that need to be repaired, replaced or removed.


  1. Patch damaged walls.
  2. Replace cracked floor tiles.
  3. Oil squeaky doors.
  4. Fix sticky windows.
  5. Fix leaky faucets and toilets.
  6. Re-caulk tubs and sinks.
  7. Replace broken windows and screens.


  1. Replace cabinet knobs and pulls.
  2. Update lighting fixtures, after evaluate.
  3. Update blinds, after evaluate.


  1. Paint the interior in neutral colors.
  2. Paint exterior doors and window trim.
  3. Paint shutters.
  4. Repaint exterior, if needed.


  1. Take down heavy window treatments that block light.
  2. Wash all windows.
  3. Increase the wattage of light bulbs.
  4. Replace dark lamp shades.


  1. Remove family photos.
  2. Store knickknacks.


  1. Thin out the books on your shelves.
  2. Empty kitchen counters.
  3. Place out-of-season clothing in storage.
  4. Rent a storage unit to store unneeded items.


  1. Organize pantry.
  2. Organize closets.
  3. Organize basement.
  4. Organize garage and shed.


  1. Clean all interior surfaces
  2. Wash windows and doors.
  3. Air out and clean in cabinets and under sinks.
  4. Power wash exterior of house and sidewalks.
  5. Clean outdoor furniture.
  6. Clean porch lights of cobwebs and debris.

Hide Signs Of Pets

  1. Remove pet smells.
  2. Hide pet food and bowls.
  3. Take pets for a walk during showings or send them to day care during open houses.

Stage Inside

  1. Reduce the amount of furniture in each room.
  2. Organize furniture to create seating areas and give each part of the home a purpose.
  3. Place cut flowers around home during showings.

Prune and Landscape

  1. Remove dead plants.
  2. Prunce or replace overgrown shrubs.
  3. Fill open spots with seasonal flowers.
  4. Add fresh mulch to beds.

Stage Outside

  1. Make sure front porch/entryway is clean and inviting.
  2. Use outdoor furniture to create inviting spaces.
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