Great Leaders Ask Great Questions

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Great leaders ask great questions. Personal. Organizational. So on and so forth.

What Do Great Questions Do?

These questions do three items:

  • reveal values
  • reinforce values (along with stories)
  • reinforce behavior

You see, your questions are revaling what's important to you. It communicates to the person what's important to you.

Repeated questions are related to repeated behaviors.

What Questions to Ask?

Questions like:

"What am I doing personally to make it better?"

"What would a great leader do?" (Even if you don't consider yourself a great leader do.)

What Does it Accomplish?

It raises the standard of our leadership.

It weeds through the fog of emotion.

Reveals motive and shows personal agendas.

It reveals weakness.

Aspire you to reach beyond your limits.


Great questions help you get beyond your comfort zone do what the situation requires. It gives a glimpse of what could be and what should be in your life and in your organization.

In the end, ask the question. Ask the question even if you are going to follow through or not. This way at least you know what the answer is.


Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2015

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