ACTIVE-CONTINGENT status is renamed to just CONTINGENT

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It's been a wild ride over the course of the past few years with the local MLS data-wise. They system is in a constant state of flux. What's funny is that it's fluxing back to its original state.

In the latest change, MLS status of ACTIVE-CONTINGENT is being renamed to just CONTINGENT. Which is the way it was years ago. But it's taking the long way around to get there.

While this isn't that big of deal on the outside, on the inside this is a totally different status code. So originally with MLXCHANGE/FIRST-AMERICAN, the status was just CTG. Then with FLXMLS/FBS, it changed to something incoherent like AWC_15429SGZYQIT but would show as ACTIVE-CONTINGENT. I suppose the AWC was supposed to be Active-With-Contingencies.

Now with the recent change, it is changed to move all the AWC to PENDING. So now it shows as something like PWC_15429SGZYQIT. I suppose, it is supposed to be Pending-With-Contingencies.

Then later on this month of NOV 2014, AWC will be renamed as CTG. I'm sure another status code will be created.

The issue with using something incoherent is that it is incoherent. What's the point of structured-communication, like English, if you're not going to use it?

Here's an idea. Use what was originally intact:

  • ACT
  • BOM
  • CTG
  • PND
  • SLD
  • CAN

Most people won't even need a reference guide to figure it out.

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