Regional MLS removes fields

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Regional MLS, who serves the greater Palm Beach county area, recently removed 2 public fields from the IDX for web sites.

  • CDOM (Cumulative Days On Market) = used to allow to show the total number of days the property has been on the market.
  • Market Time DOM = used to allow to show the recent number of days the property has been on the market.
We can only guess these fields are removed to address security issues arising from outside parties contacting the listing agent, the listing broker or the owner with various concerns. These concerns could be anything from sales product pitches or relisting with a different agent, brokers, etc.

The Regional MLS (and other MLS's across the country) have a terrible habit of changing items without notifying their constituents. This causes issues with web sites that use IDX, or direct feeds from the MLS. These changes caught us off-guard and caused a few hiccups with our IDX web sites.

Since there is no prewarning of changes happening, the issue becomes that we don't know there is a change until it actually happens. In our experience, Regional MLS usually has issues implementing these changes causing a disconnect between MLS and the IDX.

In this case, as far as we know, the Regional MLS RETS server had no issues during the removal of these fields.

However, at one point the LIST DATE was removed. Then it was later re-added. List Date = used to allow to show when the property has been put on the market. This could also be used to show the days on market.

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