The Post PC Era in Your Business

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Here is my reply to a new manager who thinks items should be sent to a company of 550 agents in a POWERPOINT format:


It is a link but I believe that it misses the mark. If it were 2003 and everyone used WINDOWS XP and everyone had OFFICE 2003 with POWERPOINT then it would be great.

But it isn't 2003. It's 2013 heading into 2014. The issue lies is in the stats of your presenation. Half of traffic to is mobile. Dell is coming off the stock market. The newest versions of OFFICE as well as PHOTOSHOP is to pay per computer per month.

The signals are there. It's the post pc era. We need to conform to the pattern of our culture's digital society.

Think about it like this. In 2003, for me to send a video to you, I had to upload a video to a web site. You had to download the video and pray that you would be able to open it. Most of the time you couldn't. You might not have the software on your computer to view it. Maybe there was a versioning issue and your version of a video player was different. Maybe you didn't have the codecs to be able to view the video.

Then YOUTUBE came out. It removed all those types of obsacles. I simply uploaded the video to YOUTUBE and gave you the link. You could watch it. Amazing. That technology is only 6 years old.

In short, the presentation needs to be able to be VIEWED without any additional requirements or effort on the person viewing it. Ask yourself the question, "If I give this to someone, can they just click on it and view it?" If the answer is no or if the answer is yes but it needs... then you have to re-work it so the answer becomes yes.

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