So What Kind of Items Do I Post on Social Media?

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I attended a half day seminar given by author and New York local radio personality who has a show about real estate investing (name purposely left out). It was slightly informative but he had a moment where he talked about social media.

He stated how he had 30K+ followers on Twitter. Then he paused and he said, "The problem with social media is no one knows what to say."

All I could think of was "Ahhhhh.....". Thirty thousand followers and nothing to say. I immediately tweeted to him what I recently discovered. When you don't know what to say, say the obvious. The reason is this... just because it's obvious to you doesn't mean it's obvious to everyone else.

In our last post, we said that people have changed the way they get information. We went onto say that they are going to look for information, possibly about you and they are going to find information. It's either going to be information that happens-to-be-there or it's going to be information you want them to see.

So what kind of items do I post about and share? That's a common question and something my recent class asked. Here's a quick list that I mentioned in class:

  • links to interesting news stories.
  • post educational content.
  • promote others.
  • link to your blog.
  • link to others blog.
  • promote your clients.
  • link to press releases.
  • give away tips and tricks.
  • ask questions.
  • answer questions.
  • give referrals.
  • introduce others.

These are pretty obvious to me and should be self explanatory. If I wanted to boost my Google juice I would explain each in detail and give examples. Maybe later, this time that should be enough.


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