What Kind of Items are Likely to Get re-posted or ReTweeted?

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We've been in an educational series discussing how both new real estate agents and existing real estate agents can use technology to reach their clients.

We've said that the majority of business is going to come from referrals.

Because of that, it's vitally important to keep in touch with your customer base. We've said that to keep in touch with your customers, you have to be where they are getting information.

We've said that people are getting information in different ways than they have in the past. People are using technology to get information (web sites, Google searches, asking on Facebook, etc).

We've listed out a few items that agents can post.

But agents want to know, "What really works?" In other words, cut to the chase. Give me what I need to do.

What items are likely to get re-posted or re-tweeted?

Here's a list that I shared with the class:

  • topical articles.
  • how-to articles.
  • informative blog posts.
  • interesting press releases.
  • top-10 articles.
  • local events.
  • opinion blogs.
  • content related to popular trends.

This list is ever so slightly different than the last list. The last list was items you could post. These are the items that really work.

Final warning though. Just as I stated in class. The problem isn't that this is difficult to comprehend and understand. No needs to get dressed up and come to one of my classes to learn this. The biggest challenge in all of this is similar to the biggest challenge in dieting and exercise. We, as a group (not as individuals), just don't do it.

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