How Not to do Social Media

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Real estate agents sometimes get excited about social media opportunities or web site opportunities. It usually happens when there's a low understanding of how technology works. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't understand how many things work. I just like the idea that they do.

After talking to a few of these agents and asking the tough questions, I've discovered the underlying cause of this. The general fallacy goes something like this:

  • I'm going to sign up for a web site.
  • Millions of people are going to find it, see it and read it.
  • I'm going to get tons of business because of this web site or social media.
  • I can do all of this without leaving my home office.
  • social media can be a substitute for social interaction.
  • I'm going to be very rich.

After all, that's what most people want. Right?

Well the reality is much different. Social Media and web sites are a supplement to your business NOT a substitute for your business. You cannot fake your way into a relationship with someone. You can try. But just like people who meet in chat rooms, those relationships don't last.

It's because there's a vulnerability that happens online that doesn't occur face-to-face. The vice-versa is true as well. There's a protection that happen in face-to-face conversations and relations that is missing online.

The biggest part of social media is to get involved in your community and your clients. There is no substitute for that.

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