Attempt for .MLS

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A newly formed association comprised of fifteen MLS's across the country is trying to pass a Top Level Domain (TLD) of ".mls".

A TLD is the group of letters after the DOT in a domain name or web site name. So in the TLD is ".com" whereas the TLD of the TLD is ".net".

The association claims that having a ".mls" will assist in real estate activities by having a dedicated location for MLS's and their authorized partners.

“The Association looks forward to inviting all MLSs to join,” said Brian Larson, President of Larson/Sobotka Business Advisors, a consulting firm engaged by the founding MLSs to create the business plan for the Association and to guide it through its early operations. “For the next few weeks,” he said, “the current leaders will be working on policies relating to membership, domain registration, and dispute resolution that the Association needs to sort out before opening the doors wide.”

A TLD of ".xxx" was tried a few years ago from locally based ICM Registy of Jupiter, Florida headed up by British dot com entrepreneur Stuart Lawley. The idea was to force all x-rated material to the ".xxx" suffix but it was squashed by opponents for various reasons.

Lawley put his Jupiter house up for auction in 2008 and sold for $4.65 million through Illustrated Properties due to a divorce. He originally purchased in 2001 for $5.9 million.

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