Agent IDX options

IDX is commonly referred to a service to display listings on agent/broker web sites. Basically the automatic transfer of listing information from the Regional MLS to other web sites.

Agents can get IDX services with the options below:

1 - MLS

There is no charge for MLS IDX as it is included in your dues. You can set it up by following these directions:


2 - FAR

There is no charge for FAR IDX as it is included in your dues. You'll have to find your FAR PROFILE here:
-once you find it, click PERSONAL PROFILE
-click IDX
You'll see options in there.


3 - other IDX companies, including Regional IDX

Other companies offer IDX services for a fee such as Regional IDX. While these other companies provide the same info, the format is different, has more eye appeal, can be customized and integrates into your web site so that your web site receives credit.

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