Broker IDX Issues

Besides developing real estate web sites for real estate agents who are members of the West Palm Beach Regional MLS, we also consult with real estate brokers in the West Palm Beach Regional MLS who deal with national IDX companies (whereas specializes in the Regional IDX from the Regional MLS).

Recently, we had a situation where a local broker member of the Regional MLS hired a national IDX company (let's call them national IDX company A) to provide services to their web site. The national IDX company A apparently was going through some changes and "borrowed" photos from another national IDX company (let's call them national IDX company B).

National IDX company B called the broker to complain. Focusing on real estate, and not on web sites, the broker knows nothing of the situation and asks us to step in and handle the situation.

After contacting national IDX company B, they explain to us that the broker site is taking photos from them without authorization -that's a big no-no. But obviously the broker has no knowledge this is happening since they pay national IDX company A to handle it for them.

We contacted national IDX company A and had them fix the issue for the broker.

What surprised us was that national IDX company A even did this in the first place. Regional IDX, who specializes in IDX from the Regional MLS, building custom solutions for real estate agents and dedicated servers for brokers, has never taken photos from another national IDX company, so why should they?

Regional IDX has a set of dedicated servers that securely house all current Regional IDX information including pictures and data.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 May 2014